Online Learning Platforms When Coronavirus Closes Schools

Top 10 Online Learning Platforms When Coronavirus Closes Schools

Due to COVID-19, temporarily, all colleges and schools have been shut down. So, many students are affected by the pandemic of coronavirus. In the quarantine, many organizations of online platforms have come forward to provide for students to enhance their free access to online classes. The top 10 online platforms are given below with the attachment of each website link.

1. Vedantu’s Live Class

In the pandemic of COVID-19, Vedantu online class offers live classes for students to fill their gap of quarantine. JEE, NEET and more courses are also available in this online class. Students gains for themselves through Vedantu are Reference Book Solution, sample papers, revision notes, maths formula sheet, and important questions. It is a very useful online class for school students to study and prepare for their upcoming exams and to acquire more knowledge in the time of Lockdown.

Website Links-

2. Geneo

Geneo is NCERT and CBSE based digital learning platforms for students of 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Geneo, free live classes till 30th April 2020 for students of class 6th to 10th. Students can access it as a free online class. They work as a trusted partner to the Central and State Governments, private schools, educational institutions, and international agencies in their pursuit of revamping the learning environment and quality of education. They enact school management and supplementary education programs for corporates under their CSR mandates.

Features in Geneo

  • Geneo uses tools like animation, videos to enhance students utilizes their lockdown very engagingly and usually. Many features in geneo are Live Classes, Learning Videos, Experiments which are digital learning Laboratories, AI-Enabled Guided Learning Assistant, Personalised Mentor Support, Assessments, Digitised Textbooks, Question Papers, Talking Assistant.
  • Students accomplish their test effectively through play in the digital learning laboratories. They conduct quizzes for each and every chapter. Through the learning students are uplifted in each chapter.

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3. Byju’s

Byju’s is India’s largest learning app. They are offering and have started their free live classes for students from 2nd of April till the period of Lockdown, in the light of COVID-19. Students can obtain 50,000+ videos, tests, quizzes, games, interactive lessons and much more. They are conducting classes for 4 to 12 students. Byju’s app also provides coaching for JEE, NEET, test preparation. 

Byju’s learning app was founded in 2011 by Think and learn private limited with focus on k12 Segment. It was launched as a learning program for 6th to 12th-grade students in 2015. It became the first Asian company to receive investment from Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative(CZI) in 2016.

Website link-

Students can also download the App from Google Play Store and Apple Play store.

4. National Digital Library of India (NDLI)

As the students’ studies are not affected by the light of COVID-19 Lockdown, through NDLI students are allowed to study and prepare for their upcoming exams. There are so many sources available in this NDLI. Not only School students access but also college students can access and enhance their skills though it in the period of quarantine. For school students of NCERT, CBSE and other STATE BOARD all over India, they get Books, Question banks and solutions online. They are conducting self-assessment and some other activity for students and home tests which are corrected online by their teachers in the given period of time. These types of activities captivate the students in a time of Lockdown.

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5. Takshila Learning

Takshila Learning provides online classes for school students from Nursery to class of 12 including all subjects in the span of COVID-19 shut down. They also recommend 2D/3D animation classes and recorded video classes. Both Audiovisual and interactive formats accompanied by 50,000 modules. Takshila Learning is a notable organization in online education. This will give the students golden circumstances. Students can improve their efficiency by learning the course and they can construct it in the lockdown period for the upcoming examination.

Website link-

6. Toppr

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Toppr is a learning app and it has introduced free online live classes and online classes for all school students across India from a class of 5 to class of 12. In Live classes, the students can learn conceptualization from the best teachers of Toppr. From the online classes, students can also enhance their skills through the videos. Toppr has also conducted mock tests for students by solving all India tests and previous year question papers. Live doubts also available 24/7 in Toppr where students can clear their doubts on the subjects. The Toppr is also available in Google play store and apple store.

Website link-

7. OutSchool

OutSchool is devoted to supporting the school students by taking Live classes for Ages 3-18 by breaking the pandemic of COVID-19. It is an online live class for k-12 Learners. They motivate students, and teachers to create great learning experiences. 

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8. Vedamo

Vedamo live online classes software gives a tremendously interactive Virtual Classroom Learning Management System. They Conduct live online classes. Online whiteboard, screen sharing options, and breakout rooms make the teaching-learning sessions encouraging and enhancing the students.

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9.  DMentor

DMentor is a Digital Learning Platform for CBSE. It is a one-point solution for comprehensive learning. They have a supreme technical team that transforms standard teaching into Digital Learning where Assessments are diagnostic, Learning & Practice are adaptive and Remedies are personalized. They are also providing e-books, animation (2D/3D), video lectures. In DMentor, Students can enrich their skill of learning by practicing and doing assessments online itself.

Website links-

10. Youtube

Youtube is also a learning platform for every learner. Especially, for school students YouTubers providing the best video lecture in the pandemic. Most of the schools around India provide youtube channel study material links to students to learn from home and make them prepare for upcoming examinations.


There are more tools and apps available for virtual learning platforms. Virtual classrooms are becoming one of the most worthy of attention and compulsory elements of today’s learning platform in the situation right now facing all over the world. Most of the schools and colleges are opening and conducting online classes from their own websites for their students. Even though teachers are conducting classes via WhatsApp video call, skype, duo for their students at the scheduled time.

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