Who We Are

EduCracker is an online community and one-stop platform that provides a vast collection of study material for all the exams held in India. Our portal is a refuge for thousands of young and enthusiastic minds aspiring to have a prosperous & acknowledged career in the future.

We wrap every exam held in the country, right from national and international levels to state and school-level exams. We bring the right approach to help you prepare for each and every exam of your life.

We work hard to create a platform which can guide each and every individual at each step of their life, whether they are apprentice or manager or trying to find a new career path for themselves.

Our Products

EduCracker strives to provide products that help young aspiring minds to find the best in the educational market, whether it’s study material or PFDs or guidance regarding any particular career or Coachings/Institutes/Colleges or best affordable paid material for exam preparations.

Some of our useful products:


Any student or user can easily jump over to our directory portal and find useful information regarding the best coachings/schools/training-institutes/colleges/university at the National & International level.

Market Place: 

EduCracker’s market place is really the place you want to be. We offer the best study material, whether it’s books, PDFs, notes, videos, and many more things you will need while preparing for your exams.

Blog Section:

Our blog section offers complete useful information such as tips, tricks, strategies, etc regarding all the exams held at the national and international levels to our student base and users from across the globe.

Forum Section:

We plan on providing this product to our users as soon as possible, as we try to create a portal where young aspiring minds can connect and discuss the thoughts and processes they go through while preparing for exams.

Exam Alert:

We plan on providing this product to our users as soon as possible, as we try to alert and notify our student base about the upcoming exams which you need to know about.

Mock Test Series:

We plan on providing this product to our users as soon as possible, as we try to provide mock test series of all the national and international levels exams.

Best of The Best:

If you’re looking for the best coachings/place to learn/study material in your City or State or Country, well then this is the place you would like to be. We offer a complete guide of best of the best in each City or State or Country.

Our Aim & Vision

Well, we don’t plan on jumping from the Eiffel tower or building a space ship but we do plan to bring an evolution in the educational industry but providing the best a student can get in this fast-growing online era.

Our Moto

We believe in the motto of “Learn, Think, and Grow” as everyone has the right to Learn, Think and Grow at their own pace and with the best study resources which grants them a successful professional career in the future.

Experience We Provide

EduCracker is an online community that associates technology, innovation, and educational trends happening around the world to build an integrated learning platform. Our products enable the exam preparer to analyze their preparation and counter the things they’re lacking. Exam preparers from different educational sectors participate here to analyze the test-taking experience and improve what they lack.

Team Behind EduCracker

EduCracker is created with the sole purpose of helping young aspiring minds with the best possible study material and guidance available. It involves the hard work of many people such as; our authors, content providers, our tech team, our marketing, and our support team. Here’s the name of the few most important individuals behind EduCracker: