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EduCracker aims to bring the brands, organizations, and individuals in the limelight who are striving endlessly but go unnoticed in the buzz of fame and glamour. We aim to become the podium for the above mentioned aggrieved and wish to bring their ideologies before the world. 

Are you fed up with the unproductive feeds you receive without fail? Come read with us! We provide you with the most interesting stories all over the education arena and make sure you get all you need, want and desire to read.

We are on an expedition to look for writers who do not know how to properly organize their content because their mind works faster than their hands. We are looking for someone who begins to explain how the hem of a skirt is properly done and moves on to examine even the finest patterns that have been woven or printed on the same skirt. Yes, it is perfectly fine for one to be lost as long as they discover themselves in every paragraph, every line, every word, and every space. We are on a hunt for someone who writes on the line and reads between the same lines. 

Note From the Founders of  EduCracker

We take pride in our team of well-experienced writers and look forward to extending our community by inviting bloggers and alike. Please take note of our guidelines and requirements. We hope that you will comply with them and make the best use of the plethora of tools available to you for assistance. 

Willkommen, Bienvenue, and Greetings writers of all genres! 

We invite you to pitch your articles and write for us with various benefits for you. Please read the guidelines for the same and make the best use of your resources:

  1. The content must be original, well-structured and grammatically correct. 
  2. The article should not have been published anywhere in any form
  3. Make the best use of your creativity and present it beautifully in more than 1500 words.
  4. The article should be conceived in an informative manner and must reflect your own perspective regarding the same
  5. An author-bio of not more than 200 characters should be given along with the writeup
  6. We insist you to include as many social media accounts as you like for gaining recognition. Since verification of your presence is important, please make sure you add at least one account.
  7. EduCracker does not accept articles meant for direct promotion of goods, brands, services, persons and more.
  8. We permit the inclusion of relevant external links in the articles. The linking of PDFs, whitepapers and alike is appreciated. 
  9. Please take a note of the following:
  • Do-follow links directing to your own website are allowed ONLY in the author’s bio segment.
  • If any attached link directs to an irrelevant or inappropriate page, the article shall be removed.
  • We strictly don’t accept casino/gambling/betting/adult/irrelevant links in our article or author bio.
  1. Genres we offer to help you categorize your articles:
  • Authors & books
  • Education Start-ups
  • Discoveries
  • Education Sector
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Gadgets & Technology
  • How to?
  • Literature
  • News
  • Tips and Tricks For Exam Preparations
  • Why to?

Benefits of Guest Posting on EduCracker:

Wondering as to what are the benefits of Guest Posts on Educracker? Have a look:

  • Increase the reach of your content by promoting it on our platform 
  • Improve your social presence as you leave social media links in your author profile
  • Organic transfer of subscribers to your own website and the list goes on

Please take note: The creators and managers of Educracker are authorized to remove your article and/or links without any prior notice.

Wondering when we do this? Read on! Please pay close attention to the same. The following conditions would lead to the removal of your article and/or link:

  • If Google does not approve of the content  due to violation of its terms and conditions
  • Plagiarized content
  • DMCA protection policies are followed by EduCracker hence, violation of the same would lead to the removal of your article and/or link
  • In case of a clash of the article and/or link with the policies of any State (country/court/state/governing body) will be removed with immediate effect.

If you are fine with the above-mentioned conditions,  please email with the headline “Guest Blogging Idea for Educracker” with the list of topics you want to write for us.

If you have any further ideas or suggestions, feel free to write to us on- [email protected] and get in touch with us. 

We will be happy to help you as much as we can!