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Chitrali Srivastava is a rising writer giving her thoughts their own words. Having a specialization in creative Hindi and English writing, she is also making an approach towards the Urdu language. Permeating from the city of Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh from the northeast part of precious country India she believes to heal the world, bring a change by the magic of her words. She is a student of class 11 via humanities stream in J B Academy, Ayodhya. Chitrali is also a content writer worked for various clients nationally as well as internationally. As a co-author, she had been part of various books and you can get her own book “Unheard: What lies in Your Soul” on Google and other online stores. Her solely belief on humanity has also made her the part of various NGOs like Education for all Community, Prayas Welfare Society, Animal Care Foundation, Vishalakshi. She is also an avid reader who believes that reading giver her life and for her paradise is like a library. Due to her versatile skills, she is also a part of international writing communities like Writer's Global Movement, Dreams Arts Society etc as well she is also co-founder of Jahaan-e-Alfaaz Community based on Surat, Gujarat, India. Apart from writing, she is also a great speaker, a good sportsperson, she also has a great interest in cooking as well she also works as a research secretary in an USA based organization The Incandescent Review. Chitrali believes that writing helps her to explore more, learn more. She aspires to be a good human, good author, a good book critic holding the mantra, without rigorous efforts, nothing can be accomplished. Just like a lion never gets his food sitting on a place without going for a hunt.
Success are for those who know to grab the opportunities.