Career Options to Take In Commerce After class 12th

Many people among us keep listening “The people who are not able to secure sufficient marks, go for commerce” Or “The people who think they can’t do science, they opt for commerce”.

Every subject has it’s own importance , that people forget. But these orthodox quotes will be only found as words when you will come to know that what wonders can commerce do and how much can it make you earn. So,before discussing anything firstly let us know what the subject commerce is and what are it’s various branches that helps in dealing with whole subject commerce.

What is Commerce :-

According to wikipedia ” it is a stream of education where we study trade and business activities such as the exchange of goods and services from produced to final consumer”. Simply we can say, here we study the rules and activities of trade and business at a deeper level. Economics, Business Studies and Accountancy, these three subjects combine to make up the stream commerce. Here, it’s again categorized into two parts, one is commerce with maths and commerce without math’s. However, the career options for both of these two after class 12 are generally same except few careers that requires maths as a mandatory subject. This subject of commerce opens the myriad of opportunities for building a career in the future.

Let us see what are the careers that students can opt for via commerce stream.

Chartered Accountant (C.A.) :-

This is a well known and a popular path all around the world for students wanting to pursue the commerce stream. It is an internationally recognized profession whose certification is conducted by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI).

This profession is counted as one of the highest paid jobs in the worldwide. It includes the work of audit, taxation, firm’s investment, finance, accounts. The firm appoints the C.A to increase it’s profit. Even you can set up a private practice of C.A after practicing for some years in a firm/company/industry.

Here, in the process of being C.A around 18 exams are conducted and you have to clear all to reach the final destination that is C.A. It is a five year course which starts when you register yourself with the ICAI and clear the Competancy Professional Test (CPT).

Written by
Chitrali Srivastava
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