Everything About: CATIA & Who Should Attend


Course Duration: 4months – 7months

CATIA stands for Computer-Aided Three Dimensional Interactive Application. It is world’sleading design software and was first released in 1977 by Dassault Systems. It is used bymechanical engineers for various designing purposes. It innovates product design and integrates the capabilities of CAD, CAM and CAE which are the various approaches of product designing and development.CATIA is a very useful computer program for industrial and creative designers. By this, you candevelop robust 3D models whether it is without any sort of constraints or with it, whileeffective usage of user-defined or automated connections to develop an object. It provides a 3Ddesign environment so that online people and participants share their product designs andcollaborate on product modeling.

It has a great significance in designing field. It is a CAD tool and can be used for different design stages. The software provides you various services so that you are able to create your most effective sketch. You can draw your concepts on it, modify them, identify problems and then finally detail them to go for production. It becomes important because of its industrial usability and huge and constant investment which is made for the innovation and development of the product and also it is indispensable for the Architectures. The great Guggenheim Museum in Spain, considered as an Architectural masterpiece was designed using this. Because of its excellent services in designing it is used in variety of industries throughout the world like aerospace, consumer goods, appliances, machinery, automotive, ship building and many more. So, if you are from designing background then you must learn this software and because of its growing needs in industries, this will also be beneficial for your career too.


Who Should Attend

  • One willing to work on CAD, CAM and CAE together for product designing and development .
  • Professionals, graduates, researcher and many other who wants to design the 3D model of the object for research purpose or industry purpose
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