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Change Your Lifestyle For Better Education

Our lifestyle plays an important role and affects everything including our education. Therefore, it is normal to think that even after we study, cover every topic, attend all the classes, yet we are not able to score up to our full capacity. This can be a result of an unhealthy lifestyle. For instance, a student who does not have a proper sleep schedule fails to get up early for his morning class.

Another example can be of a student who uses mobile for long hours and spends his energy on games and social media. A large number of students who complain about their low marks are in the habit of time-wasting activities, unhealthy sleep and eating patterns. Unquestionably, a healthy lifestyle will boost your study pattern and hours. There is no need for rocket science to determine that a student who has a proper routine is able to perform better in his or her education than a student with a poor lifestyle.

How You Can Improve Your Lifestyle For Better Education:

Here, below are mentioned a few ways which can help to improve your lifestyle. Follow these steps to get a hundred percent output of your hard work and don’t let your lifestyle affect your education in a negative way.

Improve Your Concentration

On every level of mental activity, it is the concentration that is the key to success. A concentrated mind succeeds not only because it can solve problems but also attracts opportunities for success. A student who studies with better concentration is able to perform competently.

Simplify your life, proper exercise, balanced diet, music, and meditation- all these activities increase concentration. No one likes a messy room or unorganized shelves. Studies show that an organized environment provides a zone for more concentration. As it is commonly said that if a student can organize his room, he can definitely organize his thoughts.

It is Good To Be A Morning Bird:

It is a common occurrence nowadays, to see a number of students who study late night hours, especially hostellers. However, studies have shown that students who get up early retain more education as compared to those who study late as night-owls. This is because they disturb the whole pattern of their sleep cycle. Students who wake up early as a routine in their lifestyle enhance their chances of success. It helps them procrastinate less and aids in dealing with negativity. Hence, it is only the first part of waking up that is difficult, but after you form a habit this will only help you to reduce stress and be active all day.

Health & Exercise:

Health and exercise are the most important aspects.

It is not possible for students to engage in gyms due to their hectic study schedule. However, it is beneficial for their health if they walk or jog every morning at least for half an hour. Students can also opt for yoga and meditation which helps a lot. It helps to maintain physical health and keeps your brain cells active. Remember, a lazy mind dwells in a lazy body. There is no need to follow a full gym diet and finish tonnes of protein boxes!

  • All you need is to cut down on carbs and fats.
  • Avoid eating junk food as much as you can, since heavy carbohydrates and fats deter your concentration. They make you feel sleepy, which will result in the loss of study hours.
  • You can have green tea while you study to avoid sleep instead of coffee and camomile tea for a sound sleep.

Bye-Bye Internet:

Being a part of the social era, it is impossible to isolate ourselves from the internet. Normally, when we switch on our mobile phones to browse for some topics, we end up using social media instead. Though this is the hardest thing to ask for, especially in the times we cannot imagine our lives without the internet. This is one of the most important steps to maintain a good academic lifestyle. In order to maintain healthy social usage, you can begin by not using mobile phones late at night before sleep. No one can cut themselves off completely from the internet but at least try to avoid social media while you study. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. hinders your performance and make you lose focus. Social media can be a boon to us or a bane depending on how we use it. Hence, the responsibility lies upon us on how to utilize it in our interests to prove it effective.

Biggest Enemy – ‘Excuses’

It is human nature to blame others for our mistakes. It is better to own our mistakes than to blame others. Normally, we accuse others of our failures. Once you accept your failure it becomes easy for you to improve. A person who always has room for improvement is more likely to succeed. Students make excuses and procrastinate about their goals which is a wrong behavior. Letting go of a task does damage to your career. For a better education, hard work is required. There is no place for excuses in a student’s life. Hence, it is productive to procrastinate less which will improve your lifestyle.

Optimism & Confidence:

The mantra of your life should be ” Stay Positive”. A confident student is stress-free. You cannot study or attempt for any competitive exam if you’re not optimistic. Feel the positive energy in yourself and depend on your hard work. This is the reason many students meditate in order to keep their minds calm. Formulate a proper schedule of your tasks and topics. Go through your syllabus, previous papers and get all the information related to your exam instead of spending hours thinking about your result. If you will feel confident, chances are you will perform better.

Have a Hobby For Stress-free Education:

Many students assume that if they would study for long hours, success is achieved. Just working hard does not guarantee victory unless you learn the art of smart education. The modern era is of smart work and not just hard work. Students who study long hours, without any break, are an ineffective chore since it makes studies dull and the student loses concentration. Studies have reported that students who give two to three hours of their day in doing something they love other than studies, results in their increased brain capacity to store more information, and refreshed energy. You can paint, sing, write, collect stamps or play any instrument. Having a hobby relaxes your mind and helps to improve a person’s sense of identity. In current times when every person is hell-bent busy, it is rare to see people pursuing their hobby.

Let’s Wrap:

Remember, just sitting ‘n’ number of hours with your books is not education. The purpose of education should not be to fill you with knowledge, but education should make you passionate about knowledge.

For this, you need to improve your lifestyle. Let’s hope these pointers will help you in the long run.

Written by
Akanksha Sharma
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