Content Submission Guidelines

Mark the following: Content Submission Guidelines

Following are the content submission guidelines which you need to go through before you contact us for the submission of the article.

Pondering what EduCracker does not welcome? Read on!

An article does not get published with us under the following conditions:

  • If the content provided by you is violating the terms and conditions of Google
  • Copied or Plagiarized content
  • We follow DMCA protection policies hence, violating them could lead to the removal of your article immediately.
  • In case of a clash of the article with the policies of any State (country/court/governing body) the article will be removed with immediate effect
  • Adult content even in the form of a research-based article is not allowed
  • The attack on an individual/organization/religion/State through the article will not be published with EduCracker.
  • ONLY write-ups in the form of articles are accepted by us. We DO NOT publish poetry and fiction.
  • We strictly don’t accept casino/gambling/betting/adult/un-relevant links in our article or author bio.

Thinking what Internet Stories welcome with open arms? Find below:

An article gets published with us under the following conditions:

  • Write what reflects your mindset and clearly brings your stand about things
  • Share your thoughts, experiences, aspirations, and research with us.
  • Offer your insights about historic events and why you think an event should be given the importance
  • For a better comprehension regarding the same, please go through the articles we have published on Internet Stories
  • In case you use images, quotes and alike which are not owned by you, then make sure to give proper credits. In the case of pictures, we request you to give captions as well

How things work at EduCracker:

  • Make sure to have a complete author profile to avoid the unpublishing of your article
  • After the submission of an article it is reviewed by our editorial team before it is published (It can take up to 3-5 days based on the number of articles we have received. Please bear with us.)
  • The team has censor and moderation rights on your pitched articles
  • The published article will be shown under your name, please mention the genre of your article to help your audience understand your versatility and outlook
  • Please do keep in mind that the final decision regarding even the minute changes in your article will be finally sanctioned by the editorial team of EduCracker
  • Please use the proper tools in order to write a grammatically correct and plagiarism free article
  • The list of tools that we suggest you use for your articles is – Grammarly, Plagiarism Checkers (Quetext, CopyScape)

If you are fine with our submission guidelines,  please drop us a mail with the headline “Guest Blogging Idea for EduCrcker” followed by the topic you want to write for us. If you have any further ideas or suggestions, feel free to write to us on – [email protected] or Fill in the contact form.

We will be very happy to assist you as much as we can!