7 Worst College Majors for Aspiring CEOs

We all set our eyes on a degree path but sometimes do not look at the end product, a practical high excelling job to build your future. Making the wrong decisions with your degrees and fields of study can set you back and have you miss out on opportunities that may become unavailable to you because of your college major. No one wants to have to go back and spend the money and time on additional college classes, if building your dream of becoming a high executive or CEO of a corporation, consider some alternatives to your degree options.

Advertising vs Business Administration Degree

You can get a bachelors in advertising from just about every college or university. Advertising bases its focus on creative aspects but will also focus on things like advertising sales and how to attract and relate to your customers. These are all important aspects of owning your own business, but a Business Administration Degree will have some more building blocks to a better well-rounded student. Along with studies in marketing, you will get the benefits of additional classes focusing on logistics, decision making, and human resources which you can use when managing your business better.

Theater vs Speech Communications

Theater majors all can be tied to an interest and a desire to be involved in the entertainment portion of a production. Actors, playwrights, and set designers are all targeted pathways to these careers, it what if you get through it and then decide to venture into another direction like managing your own studio or an acting studio? There might be another way to still pursue both your goals. A Speech Communications degree path can offer you so many other options that include classes and experience in public speaking, nonverbal communication techniques, quantitative research, and needless to say you will not have a fear or lack of experience in communicating. This broadens your study and if taking some acting lessons on the side gets you both career opportunities seize that options.

Art and Philosophy vs Political Science

You may have a passion and deep desire to wrap your hands around a Liberal Arts or Philosophy degree path so your options for a career, in the end, would be a teacher or maybe a curator. These are all good career opportunities, but what if you also want to be a business owner and have a deeper understanding of analysis and communicating and the ability to thrive with a master’s degree or graduate degree is a lawyer or government consultant, or run and lobby for a charity or cause. The ability to be versatile and successful is an amazing opportunity.

Math vs Engineering

You’ve always been very successful with the understanding of how numbers work and math has been a strong subject so you think a math major is a right pathway? There is a need for teachers, but maybe consider an alternative where you have the ability to have a comprehensive spectrum of knowledge. Engineers have a vision for how things work and operate. You may want to own your own engineering firm one day. Looking into an Engineering degree instead can open more doors and opportunities for a more all-around prosperous outcome.

Environmental Science vs Natural Resource Management

These degree options are both focused on the environment of the world and would both benefit us as a society, but the environmental science degree focuses more on the environmental issues we face scientifically where the Natural Resource Management degree focuses on the policy and management and natural resource disciplines we as human have a hand in creating. This degree option will better suit someone looking into larger opportunities where getting a small business loan with their corporation is needed with helping and create new and inventive changes in the way we coexist with the earth we live on and manage the policy changes to fix it.

Biology vs Biomedical Engineering

Biology offers you a degree that focuses on the cellular level of life and evolution. There are jobs you can get after your degree which include teaching, biological technician, and pharmaceutical rep to name a few. Although most might go into med school and obtain a master’s or doctoral degree. Biomedical Engineering is one of the fastest-growing fields with a huge growth rate of 82% so the likelihood of landing some newly created medical businesses in this degree path is very likely with the largest job opportunities in its field.

Business Administration vs Business Management

With business as the common ground between these two, business administration focuses more on accounting, marketing, and human resources, to name a few. Both have some success in the business fields but Business management holds a little higher stance with managing success rates. This engulfs you in leadership and personal operations which can help a CEO in all fields of the business they are leading.

Making a decision at a young age and in college limits your vision for changes you might seek later on in life. You may have interests in certain fields but limiting your ability to go after higher education opportunities or at becoming a small business owner managing your business and people within it. Broadening your opportunities you could go after will better set you up for success earlier on and give you the reputation of success.

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Written by
Kshitij Srivastava
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