What is Freelancing? What you need to become a Freelance?

What is Freelancing?

Everyone wants to be their own boss. So, freelancing is the better way to enhance your capabilities and work according to your own strength & time.

A freelancer is a person or an individual who doesn’t belong to any company or any organization but contracts freely according to work. Freelancer is often considered to be self-employed and have the freedom to work on any projects or company.

Some digital marketing institute provides space to freelancers. A freelancer wants to work freely where he/she can showcase their skills and enhance their knowledge by working with other peoples. A common profession for freelancing is writing because a writer can submit their work to many companies.

Benefits of freelancing

Some common benefits of freelancing are:-

  1. Set your own time- Freelancing is flexible in nature. He/She is able to choose their work or time. The freelancer can often work part-time or full time. You can choose your own time. If you want to sleep, so you can do that. If you want to take the weekend off, so you can explore the cities.
  2. Control over jobs and clients- If you work as an employee so you have to complete your work within the given time but as a freelancer, you can control your clients.
  3. There’s a high demand for help- although the freelance marketplace is competitive, the need for quality, reliable freelancers is growing. Many businesses don’t have employees these days. They rely upon a team of freelancers instead.
  4. Work whenever you want- employees are getting fed up to work in an office but a freelancer can work whenever they want at any place. If they feel free they can work, if they fed up they can stop. Freelancer is their own boss. No one has the right to give an order.
  5. You keep all the profits- You can take profits and expand your business. And you can make your business successful.

Drawbacks of freelancing

Some drawbacks of freelancing are:-

  1. Workload- if you work as a freelancer so have heavy workloads and you have some major works and some minor works so you might be disturbed and get confused in all the works.
  2. Distinguishing between work time and personal time- being your own boss and work from home also means it can be difficult to distinguish between your work time and personal time. Sometimes you cannot give time to your personal interest.
  3. Not getting paid- Sometimes you are not aware of defaulter clients and you stuck in such cases where you don’t have to be. This will create some disturbance in your life. There are ways to protect yourself from defaulter clients but sometimes you won’t realize you are at risk until it’s too late.
  4. No employer benefits- If you work in any big organisation or any company you will get some employees benefits. But in freelancing, you won’t have these facilities. You cannot take any extra leave or any medical leave, if you are sick so you are not able to get paid by taking leave but an employee who is working in any organization or company will get paid on these days also.

What you need to become a freelancer

Becoming a freelancer it is a fast and affordable way to start earning an income at home. If you have some skills and knowledge about freelancing so you can provide your services to clients. If you have capabilities and you are confident as much as you believe to your services which you want to serve your client so you can work as a freelancer.

The main thing you have to need is your skills which you provided to your clients. For becoming a freelancer you have to fulfill some basic needs:-

  1. You need a business plan
  2. A website that tells about you and your services
  3. You have to make your LinkedIn account, it is important to make touch with other people.
  4. A business card and the menu of services.

How do you find freelance work

Freelance work can be found everywhere. Places to consider includes:-

  1. With your own network, online and offline
  2. You can search your clients who need help and you have to be ready to serve your services to them
  3. You can search freelancing job sites.

You can also join some digital marketing training where you can learn more things about freelancing and gain knowledge and you can also work as a freelancer and you will get some space to work.

Written by
Shivam Srivastava
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