digital amrketing trends in 2020

Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2020

Digital Marketing is an ever-growing and flourishing field of marketing. In the present scenario, one’s best resort is to take up digital marketing for a better reach out to the common man. Digital Marketing has been making its place for a long time and has acquired the position of a prerequisite for a business to flourish. The world is moving ahead at a great speed and so is every sphere of growth. In the following article, we will be taking up the top digital marketing trends of 2020.

Chatbots Move to Rule

“Hi! It is so good to see you” or “Hola! How can we be of help?” lines are moving up in the list of the top digital marketing trends of 2020. Each minute scores of people chat with a bot to solve their issues and we may speak of Zomato as an example. A customer who is not satisfied with the services turns to the chatbot and vents out to it. This, in turn, reduces the workload of the employees and helps chatbot to rank well in the list of top digital marketing trends of 2020. 

Chatbot domination has reached to such an extent that it is claimed that 80% of the companies will soon succumb to its user-friendliness. Through chatbots, data is collected and stored safely, and shortly, the same will be used proficiently to answer phone calls. These chatbots will be capable of holding all sorts of conversations with the callers solely based upon the data fed to them today. Now, the question arises, will chatbots eat up the existent employment services? Well, no one knows.

Professional Emails are now Personalized

Though attracting clients through email has been the first and last resort forever, it has suddenly undergone a pleasant change. Recently emails like,” Hey we have a surprise for you!” or “ Bored? Come let us party” have been reaching every mobile phone at least once a day. Applications like Duolingo use the subject line of, “ Hey! We miss you!” to notify a user who has not practiced for some time. A study projects the number of emails to shoot up to 347 billion per day. This indeed is an indication that emails demand a special mention in the list of top digital marketing trends of 2020.

But, it is to be noted, generic information has not and will not serve the purpose of email marketing. Well-fabricated language and well-explained concepts are the core points to write an effective email. Since email falls into the list of top digital marketing trends of 2020 it is also to be kept in mind that users avoid opening unknown emails. Emails do have a dark side to them but they also yield the desired result as the brand moves up the ladder of goodwill and credibility.

Messaging Apps Fuel Your Business

Social media apps beginning right from Facebook are used regularly for information circulation. Certain templates are formed, maybe a few videos or images are also used to send out the word. Over 10 million messages are exchanged between the consumers and producers every month. Conversation in this way not only reaches out to more people but also let the conversation have a personal touch. What makes messaging apps rank in the top digital marketing trends of 2020 is comfort.

A consumer does not want to go the extra mile to know what he can have at his fingertips, instead, he wants everything to reach him. This demand is fulfilled through social media. Another added feature is the simplicity with which data is transmitted. Thus, messaging apps are one of the top digital marketing trends of 2020.

Instagram? Lets Hit It!

The younger generation has found its way to Instagram and now it is looking for opportunities to eat, learn, grow, and repeat. Due to the young minds active on this platform, it has become a hub of raw talents waiting to be streamlined. Instagram has a lot of options that may be used for digital marketing and they are pretty user-friendly. For example, the facility of paid promotions begins at the lowest cost of 80/- and runs for a day in the region of your choice. You are also free to choose the type of audience that views your content.

Another feature that makes Instagram desirable is that of the story. You may put up your stories and if utilized properly they will work for you. Instagram promotes your brand in every manner possible and returns with the best reach to the right audience. All sorts of brands are found promoting their products and services and have succeeded in making a great online presence. Thus it can be safely said that Instagram is one of the top digital marketing trends of 2020.

Let’s move towards the end…

These trends have changed and fueled Digital Marketing patterns and have also added to the competition of marketing. Now, everyone wants to be the first in this race of proving themself as the best marketing player. It is hoped that this article helps you to boost your game and prosper as much as you can.

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