Top 10 Animation Institutes in Hyderabad

Top 10 Animation Institutes in Hyderabad

Animation has come from a hand-drawn image, Flipbooks to realistic 3-D movies. It is the art of making objects move. Most people believe the beginning of animation started in Europe and North America in the 18th or 19th centuries or many assume that the iconic Mickey Mouse by Walt Disney is the first animated character, but the truth is different from what everyone believes.(Shorten or separate the sentence. It exceeds 20 words)It is a leaping wild goat in a bronze-age pottery bowl found in Shahr-e Sukhteh, Iran is the first animation illustrated and it belongs to 30,000 B.C.(Shorten or separate the sentence. It exceeds 20 words) In this article, we will discuss the best animation courses and animation Institutes in Hyderabad. (Increase intro. Add one paragraph of 150 words at least.)

Animation Technologies and Training (sub headings to be only of font size 12)

There are various diploma, graduation, post-graduation, online courses available in animation Institutes in Hyderabad to master the technical skills required to pursue a lucrative career in this exciting and dynamic industry. (Shorten or separate the sentence. It exceeds 20 words)

(Add a sentence like The animation technologies/techniques are as follows) (and then put the techniques in bullets preferably)

In 2D animation(Don’t bold anything other than headings), most characters are either created by hand-drawn images, on the computer, or a combination of both. Each movement has to be created separately. In 3D animation, the process starts with the creation of character and it will be done using available computer software. The software helps the animators to create a detailed character with every possible act of the character.

Game design(Remove bold) equips you with the tools you need to build your own games or you turn your passion into a lucrative career and launch your business. (Shorten/separate sentence) Games have evolved from entertainment to the most profitable international business. With technologies like VR, the future for animators looks promising.

(Instead of using ‘you’ terminology, try using the words like the user or the candidate)

Visual Effects(Remove bold) (VFX) is the process of merging real and animated images developed to create a realistic movie. To shoot a dangerous or impossible sequence VFX is the ultimate choice. VFX is no longer limited to animation or superhero movies. Interest in sketching, film making, basic knowledge of computers and interest to pursue an industry-oriented will help to expertise in.(Grammatical error) Students who aspire to expertise in animation has to choose from the array of streams like
• 2D Animation
• Graphic Design
• Game concept design and development
• User Experience Design.
• 3D Animation
• Video Editing & Compositing (Instead of bullets, name them all in sentence)

Career prospects in the Animation field (sub headings to be only of font size 12)

A career in animation is one of the most lucrative options, as it comes with high salaries, career growth, and an opportunity to showcase your creativity. (Shorten sentence and don’t use ‘you’)Those looking to pursue an animation career should determine the course will help them to achieve their goals. While some employers may accept a certificate or degree for entry-level jobs, most seek candidates with advanced degrees for higher roles with a higher salary.(shorten the sentence) It is a projected animator job that will grow by 8% between 2016 and 2025. The animation is also needed in other sectors like business, sales, engineering, education, gaming, and advertising.

Here’s a list of probable job roles in the animation field:

• 2 D / 3D Animator
• Image Edto
• Lighting, Storyboard Artist
• Rigging Artist, Renderings Artists
• Art Director
• Film and Video Editor
• Graphic Designer
• Video Game Designer
• Animator
• Concept Artist

(Mention eligibility criteria as a sub heading)

Top 10 Animation Institutes in Hyderabad:(sub headings to be only of font size 12)

Training is an important factor to become a skilled animator. To become a skilled professional the first step is to join the best animation institute which gives the aspirants expertise in their desired field in animation.(shorten/separate sentence) In this list, we will see the finest animation institutes in Hyderabad.

(Mention courses offered, fees, location, recruiters, package, scholarships of each institute as subheadings under each institute. Also mention if specific university has some unique feature or award that other don’t- IMPORTANT)


JNAFAU – Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University JNAFAU endeavors to be the best animation institute in Hyderabad, it aims to create the best future for their students and to create best professionals to meet the Industry needs. Some of the courses offered in JNAFAU are – (shorten the sentence)
• Animation
• Film and Media
• Fashion Design

2. Reliance Education – VFX & Animation Academy

Reliance Education VFX & Animation Academy is a unit of Reliance Entertainment Pvt Ltd is a part of Reliance Group. Reliance Entertainment is one of the leading production houses in the Hindi film industry which has produced various movies with leading Indian artists. (shorten the sentence) It is ranked amongst the best animation institutes in Hyderabad. Reliance Education offers a range of courses in –
• Animation
• Graphics Designing
• Web Designing
• Game testing
• Mobile filmmaking

3.Arena Animation

Arena Animation is one of the most popular animation Institutes in Hyderabad. Arena Animation’s infrastructure with well-equipped training labs and dedicated job placement team ensures the students to be job-ready. It has placed its students in production companies, advertisement companies. Arena offers professional training in –
• Animation
• Web design
• Graphics design, Multimedia
• Digital advertising & marketing
• Gaming

4. MAAC –

MAAC is one of the top-notch animation Institutes in Hyderabad. It provides animation training for over a decade. MAAC offers various career-oriented courses for the learners. MAACs Research & Development team consisting of industry professionals for planning the detailed curriculum for each course. They train you well from the basics. MAAC puts to use the best technology to help learners learn everything relevant to the course. MAAC offered streams are –

• 2D/ 3D Animation
• Graphics
• Multimedia

5. ZICA –

ZICA (Zee Institute of Creative Art) is one of the top animation institutes in Hyderabad. ZICA is a unit of Zee Network which is in Broadcasting, Content Production, Cable TV, Movies, and Music. ZICA has animation training institutes in all major Indian cities. They train the students from their own experience and introduce them to real-world challenges. They also provide placements to their students. ZICA offers the following programs –

• 2D and 3D Animation
• Gaming development
• 3d Motion Graphics
• Animation Film Making

6. WLC –

WLC is regarded as one of the finest animation institutes in Hyderabad, it has training (grammatical error) institutes in almost all major Indian cities. WLC offers various professional courses including animation courses. Dedicated faculty, tie-up with renowned companies for placement. The courses underline on providing hands-on training with live projects and visits to international film festivals, fashion shows, studios, art exhibitions.(shorten the sentence) Courses offered in WLC –

• Mass Communication
• Advertising and Graphic Design
• Animation
• Visual Communication


ICAT Image College of Arts, Animation & Technology is a good reputed animation Institute in Hyderabad. (why space?)
Proven experience in animation training with the best faculties and best infrastructure for better career training. ICAT also offers internationally recognized Undergraduate degrees, validated by Birmingham City University, UK. Students can also opt for a dual degree program or can also select a single degree at a time. ICAT provides training programs across multiple verticals:

• Animation
• Game Developments
• Graphic Design
• Photography
• UI Design
• Visual Effects

8. IACG –

IACG is one of the leading animation institutes in Hyderabad. IACGs core competence and industry experience have helped to offer a wide array of courses with the best infrastructure and passionate faculties to train their students. (shorten the sentence) IACG has record placements that make it the best training institution for aspiring animators. They make sure that the students are well versed to sustain in the industry. IACG offers courses in the following streams:

• Animation
• Photography
• Graphic & Web Design
• Audio-Video editing

9. Annapurna –

Annapurna College of Film and Media is an animation Institute in Hyderabad, It is established in (Grammatical error) 1975. AISFM has prominent cine industry experts as mentors and it has state-of-the-art infrastructure. It is a member of the International Association of Film and Television Schools. It has collaborated with Northwestern University. ACFM offers courses in :

• Acting
• Direction
• Cinematography
• Editing
• Film Production
• Advertising
• Animation
• Photography & Digital Imaging

10. ICE

Institute of Creative Excellence (ICE) is an animation institute in Hyderabad. It is an education arm of Balaji Telefilms that drives with a motto on providing high-end media services. It is launched for the Media & Entertainment industry aspirants for the entire gamut of Media & Entertainment related courses. At ICE their Power-packed program curriculum is a result of intensive research done by Industry professionals. They incorporate the latest training methods and practical learning. Balaji Telefilms has been a prominent player in the Media & Entertainment Sector for the last 15 years. Institute of Creative Excellence offers courses in the following streams:

• Editing
• Film Production
• Scriptwriting
• Animation
• Ad Film Making
• Digital Photography and Modelling

Conclusion (no need for conclusion as a heading. Last paragraph is considered as conclusion itself.)

With global changes in the animation industry, India has figured out the industry needs and has equipped its infrastructure and technologies to meet global standards and needs.(Shorten/separate sentence) The animation industry in India is expected to see tremendous growth and it’s expected to develop more in the coming years.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) –

1. What are the other courses offered in animation institutes in Hyderabad?

Courses like Acting, Direction, Cinematography, Scriptwriting are offered in some animation institutes in Hyderabad.

2. Which animation institute in Hyderabad is situated inside a Film studio?

Annapurna College of Film and Media is situated inside Annapurna Studios in Hyderabad.

3. Which are the types of courses offered in animation?
Animation courses are offered as Diploma courses, Bachelor’s Degree courses, Post Graduation courses, Certificate courses

4. What are the skills required to be an Animator?

Drawing and Sketching, Storytelling, Computer handling, Communication, Creativity, Learning Attitude, Presentation, Time management are the essential skills of an animator.

5. What is the salary of an animator?

For freshers, the salary can be 8,000 to 15,000. With three to five years of experience, salary can earn rupees 25,000- 40,000 and candidates with above 5 years of experience can earn 70,000 or above.

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