Combine Studying and Entertainment

Not Being a Nerd – How to Combine Studying and Entertainment

Students will often quake with fear at the mere mention of the word studying. This dreaded activity is an unfortunate necessity in schools, colleges, high schools, and universities. You will have to study out of school hours – this could be revision, coursework, essays or practice tests. In most cases, you will find studying a chore – it is something that must be done, but that isn’t enjoyable! Did you know however that you can refrain from going all-out nerd, and make your studying fun? This can be done by combining studying and entertainment!

There are many profitable mobile applications, for example, that allow you to have fun and play games whilst studying. This is just one of the many things that you can do to combine studying and entertainment. In this article, we will deal with your studying woes by helping you educate yourself and have fun at the same time!

1. Make Use of Gamification

Gaming apps are currently trending. If you search through the Google Play Store or iTunes Store, you can find a huge array of apps that combine entertainment and education. Furthermore, there are whole websites and companies dedicated to creating apps for studying. Gamification is essentially the process of turning something into a game, i.e. a form of entertainment. Apps such as these will provide you with basic learning principles but will do so in a way that is fun.

The following are examples of fun gaming apps and sites:

  • Duolingo
  • Minecraft Edu
  • Socrative
  • Kahoot!
  • Tinycards
  • Zondle
  • Virtonomics
  • Duolingo,

for example, is a fun learning app that teaches you a second language. There is a myriad of different languages to choose from, and you learn in a fun way that involves playing games.

2. Study in a New and Interesting Location

Your location can be the main factor adding to the enjoyment and entertainment of your studies. A classroom environment, for example, is not usually enjoyable – it can be restrictive and boring. Alternatively, if you simply study in your dining room there is not really much to stimulate your senses. To combat this, why not consider studying in a new exciting location?

Do you have a local park or an area of natural beauty? Maybe there is a particular fun area that you like spending time at? Get away from your house and try studying at a new location. You will find yourself entertained by exploring the new area. All you have to remember is to find a balance between education and fun – don’t let the new location get in the way of your actual studies.

3. Put on some Awesome Music

Some students make the mistake of studying in silence. This can be extremely boring and make the process much more difficult. Other students may take this to the extreme and have loud music pumping out as they study – this can ultimately block their thought process and concentration.

Music is entertaining. It can also be a fantastic background when studying. For example, it is a known fact that listening to classical music whilst studying can help your concentration. Why not consider putting on your headphones, or switching on the radio and playing some background music? Don’t overdo it and make the music drown out your thoughts – play it at a level that will give you entertainment, but that won’t distract you.

4. Gamify Your Studies

Whilst gaming apps are a great thing, you can also gamify your own studies. Studying doesn’t have to be a chore – you can turn it into your own form of entertainment. As the saying goes – you can change your own fortunes and this holds true for studying.

If you are studying a particularly boring subject, why not try to turn it into a game? Make a puzzle, create a fun quiz – do anything to make the studying process more enjoyable. For example, if you are studying English, you could create a word search or word puzzle. Alternatively, if you are studying math you could use Sudoku’s or other number puzzles to test yourself and provide a form of entertainment.

5. Study with Others and Set Challenges

Studying with a friend can sometimes be counterproductive. You can end up having too much fun and forget about the actual studying at hand! If you are both disciplined and stick to what you are studying, you can enlist the help of your friend and entertain yourself in the process.

You could create fun studying games that you compete against your friend in. You could create score tables and keep a record of who wins – this promotes healthy competition but also pushes you and your friends to improve. You could even reward yourself! You can also have breaks and play a game or chill on the Xbox for half an hour in-between your studies.

6. Try a Little Role Playing

Have you ever considered role-playing? Let’s say you are studying for an English literature essay or exam – what is a better way to prepare and have some fun than getting into the shoes of the character and rein acting scenes from the book?

This might seem silly at first, but you can have immense fun doing so! Role-playing has a twofold benefit – you can have entertainment, and you can also learn about the characters and subject in a better way. You don’t have to go all out and wear costumes, but role-playing really is a fun way to learn!

We hope you have found these 6 different tools, apps and techniques useful. As you can see, education doesn’t have to be challenging! You can refrain from being a study nerd, and have fun whilst you learn at the same time.

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Shivam Srivastava
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