Manage Your Study Time This Quarantine

How To Manage Your Study Time This Quarantine

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the government is using quarantine to stop the spread of this disease. As a result school, colleges, and coaching institutions are being shut down. Board examinations for classes 10th and 12th of the CBSE schools have been postponed due to coronavirus spread. Consequently, a large number of students are bound to sit at home and study which is a whole new challenge. So, instead of sitting idle, pull yourself up, and get ready to study. This blog is going to throw light on some pointers that will help you to manage your study time with this quarantine.

Clean out your study space

Start with finding a proper place for your studies. Try to have a study table in a quiet corner with proper light. If you study on a bed table, try to place it in a room with minimum disturbance. Make room for your books, computer, and other study material. Remove everything that is not related to your studies. Many students have a habit of piling up every book they ever had around their place of study. Remember, stacking unnecessary books around your study place only causes distraction and confusion. Proper organization of the study schedule increases productivity and reduces the burden. Make a planner in a diary or install any planner app on your phone and organize your work.

Ask your family members to co-operate

This is quarantine time thus, you cannot stop your parents from watching television or your younger siblings to play. Don’t be a brat and shout at them! It is crucial to communicate with family members beforehand about your study schedule. Since everyone is at home in this quarantine, it becomes difficult to find some study hours with no disruption. Make a proper schedule for your studies. This will make it easier for your family members to support. Try to avoid distractions while studying.

With younger siblings running around the house, you can use headphones to tune out unnecessary noises. You can listen to some slow music for better concentration. It is useless to open your books all day long. Instead, take out some time for your hobbies also. Hobbies help the mind to relax and focus. Another way to avoid distractions is to keep a check on your studying schedule and mark the timings at which your mind stays the most active. Try to study in those hours in which your body and mind can focus more.

Focus is important

With so many distractions, keen concentration becomes difficult. You need to have a good focus to improve the quality of your studies. Do not study for long hours instead try to break your study hours in sections of 20-30 minutes each. After each section, take out five minutes for your break. You can use this break to stroll a little in your room or you can reward yourself by eating a fruit or yogurt. You can use color pens, sticky notes, and highlighters for marking important details. This will help you to remember things for a longer period. You can also drink coffee or green tea to stay more awake while studying.

Optimism is the key

Every student is anxious about his studies and future. In times like these, it becomes important to stay calm and relaxed. Remember, no one is alone in this. Everyone is facing the same circumstances. Whatever hurdles are faced by you, every student is facing the same. Try to meditate or do some yoga to get positivity. Enjoy the small moments and strengthen your connection with your family. You can cook a little, water the plants, fill the bottles, and keep them in the refrigerator. Help your mother with the chores and guide your little siblings regarding their studies. Make a positive atmosphere for yourself and your family at home. Discuss your plans with your family and incorporate their views as well. You should also read some motivational books apart from textbooks.

Don’t go out of practice

With this quarantine going on it becomes normal for everyone to go a little sluggish. However, do not let yourself get lazy and keep studying. Rather than procrastinating your tasks, try to maintain a schedule and follow it. Letting go of studying habits will affect your performance in the long run. Prepare a proper time table and give equal importance to study and relaxation. Revision is very important. Divide your study hours and take out some time to do proper revision. Try to stay in the schedule of waking up early morning and performing your tasks as you would have done in normal non-quarantine days. This will help you maintain your routine once the lockdown will end.

Need to stay disciplined

Since colleges and schools are shut down, there is no academic pressure on students. Many examinations have been postponed and canceled. In such circumstances, a student needs to be self-disciplined and strict on their own. Be your teacher. You can teach yourself using online videos and the internet. You can make a group of other studious friends and discuss your syllabus and topics with them over the phone. The internet and your mobile phone are your two important tools. There are several apps on the internet that can assist you with your studies. Students need to manage their time on their own. Decent management of time helps students to achieve more and waste minimum efforts.

In a nutshell

The world is suffering from this pandemic and therefore we need to stop complaining. It is our future and therefore we have to work for it. We have to balance between relaxing and study time. Stay at home and keep working for your future. I hope that these points will certainly help you manage your study time during this quarantine. This time demands everyone to be more strong. Last but not the least, take care of your health. If you are not healthy it will become difficult for you to study. Do exercises and eat a proper healthy diet for a strong mind.

Stay fit and study smart. 

Written by
Akanksha Sharma
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