Educated Without Going To College

How to be Educated Without Going To College

 Is it possible that one can be Educated without college? Yes, I give a big yes to that but trust Me, College life will teach you a lot of things that you can’t learn anywhere else.

There is one thing we misunderstand as Students, we don’t know the difference between schooling ourselves and educating ourselves.

Schooling yourself is all about focusing on studying to know and get good grades but educating yourself means growing in all rounds of life academically, socially, emotionally, etc.

This is actually what you should do in college.

So now, how can you be educated without College?

What does it mean to be Educated:

Being educated is more than a college degree, it’s more than getting good grades and having a high IQ,

being educated is having all these mentioned above coupled with good character, leadership skills, morals, learning to treat and talk to people that right way.

That’s what education is.

How to be Educated:


The act of learning is the number 1 tip to being educated. One thing about learning is that whatever you have set your mind to learn, you can do it.

Can one be Educated without Going to College:

Yes, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook saw his potential while in college and dropped out because the College life and method of learning was unfit for his plan and future. So, even as you are in College, try your best to educate yourself too.

How to learn Using the Sandbox Method:

In learning using the Sandbox Method, you don’t need to start by memorizing or creaming the information, you can start with understanding your skill and exposing yourself to better understand your skill and know more about it.

Step 1:

It involves getting a good environment for the skill you want to learn. You start by practicing the skill, playing around with it and getting used to it.

Sure you will make mistakes in the process but you will understand and learn the new things in that skill. Playing around with the skill can be Like: Doing Graphics work, learning how to sing, etc.

Step 2:

This has to do with doing more research on the skill you want to learn, expanding your horizon and getting acquainted with the skill.

Step 3:

In this step, you continuously improve and get better in the skill you are learning. The learning process can be enhanced through engaging in competition and accessing your limit based on your performance.

Step 4:

It’s for you to know how good you are in the new skill. How do you do it? You get feedback from people around and people that have seen you perform or do well in the skill. If it’s an online skill, you can get feedback from people online.

Step 5:

Let the improvement process continue. Learn, develop, and practice more and more.

How to educated without Going to College

There are many ways you can learn without Going to College. Here are they:

1. Online Courses: 

This is the number one and most popular way of being educated without Going to College. In the comfort of your home, you can take courses online and be certified after taking it.

You take courses online depending on your niche; there are different courses you can take online like AI, Graphics design, Motion Graphics, Programming, Leadership, etc.

Platforms like Udemy, Coursera, Linda, etc are good for any Course you will like to take.

The good thing about learning online is that some of the courses are free while some are paid. The paid ones are affordable; some are $10, $15 while some are $50 and above.

2. Reading:

Leaders are readers so if you want to lead well you need to read so as to be Educated to lead effectively and efficiently.

Reading is one thing that differentiates the ordinary person from the extra-ordinary person.

There are lots of books you can read that can help you speak better, read better, lead well and grow in business. Every aspect of life has books dedicated to it.

3. Explore through Travel:

Traveling helps you to be Educated by broadening your horizon on how life is.

Travelling gives you the opportunity to meet new people and grow your network. You get to understand people better and be Educated on how to deal with difficult people.

4. Seek new Information:

Be current with the news, the latest happenings in your state and country at large. When you are current with information, you speak very educated because you are current.

5. Volunteer:

Volunteering gives you the opportunity to learn new things and improve. It opens ways for opportunities that you couldn’t have got in your comfort zone.

6. Get close to College Students:

In getting yourself in the circle of a certain type of people, they will influence you to be like them. That’s the way it works everywhere.

Since you don’t want to go to college, you can get close to College Students and understand their way of doing things.

A good College Student acts and behaves in a way that shows that he/she is educated, so get close to them and learn from them.

7. Listen to Podcasts:

There are lots of education podcasts out there that can teach you a lot of things about any field of study. All you need to do is to search for the keyword of the podcast you want and listen to it. You can also listen to podcasts on YouTube to learn more.

8. Start a Personal Project:

A Personal Project is one thing that can help you to become more knowledgeable and oriented.

If you want to be Educated without College, you need to keep yourself busy with constant learning and improvement


Learning and being educated without College is possible but one thing you will lack is that experience and vibe of passing through college.

College gives you the opportunity to meet new people and connect with great minds.

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