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Get into an Attractive Career with a Nursing Degree

Nursing as a profession can be traced back to before the Common Era, wherein documents mention skilled male attendants observing and taking care of patients. The profession has come a long way since. Unsurprisingly, many people seek to do a course that helps them embark on this challenging journey.

Discussed below are some of the reasons to enlist for a nursing degree:

Learn the basics of patient care

Among other things, nurses are responsible for taking and monitoring a patient’s blood pressure and vitals, checking blood oxygen levels, and taking note of any medical issues. They need to fully aware of the patient’s needs and administer medication in the required dosage at the appropriate times.

You become the primary caregiver

There exists a misconception that nurses only play the traditional role of caregivers to patients, attending to their every need. While this is partly true, the field by itself has advanced to a great extent with many nurses possessing specialized credentials putting their skills to use in niche fields. You can choose to specialize in one field of study!

Nurses are involved in creating care plans

Nurses are often actively involved in developing a plan of care with physicians, therapists, and doctors from various fields. Nurses can collaborate with psychiatrists, medical professionals, or even practice independently, as nursing professionals. Some of the potential work environment for nursing professionals include

  • government and private hospitals
  • nursing homes
  • clinics
  • crèches
  • schools
  • orphanages
  • old age homes

Develop interpersonal skills

The nurse is also responsible for acting as a liaison between the patient and doctor, often updating the doctor on the patient’s situation. One cannot understate how crucial the role of a nurse is since a doctor can attend to only a limited number of patients at a time. Perhaps the most important role that a nurse plays is in understanding the patient’s needs at such a critical time and ensuring they remain in good mental health.

Now, let us look at the educational qualification you require: 

The eligibility criteria to become a registered nurse include passing the 10+2 subject in science and obtaining either a Diploma in Nursing or getting a B.Sc. Nursing degree. Here are some of the top nursing college in Bhopal for those willing to pursue this specialized field

People’s University

A recent addition to the prestigious list of universities in Bhopal, People’s University has made a significant dent in its contribution to scientific research and is quickly on its way to becoming one of the best educational institutes in the region. The Nursing program offered here has specialization options ranging from Paediatric to Psychiatric Nursing.

Rabindranath Tagore University

The Department of Nursing at Rabindranath Tagore University is affiliated with the Indian Nursing Council and works towards inculcating nursing qualities in the best candidates to facilitate their work with doctors.

Kasturba College of Nursing

As the name suggests, this college specializes in the field of nursing and is well equipped with all necessary facilities to provide students with a top-notch education.

AIIMS Bhopal

The university carries the prestigious AIIMS tag and includes nursing courses with varying levels of specialization and boasts good faculty and facilities.

As mentioned above, many often choose to obtain a specialization in a particular area, such as pediatric nursing, psychiatric nursing, and emergency nursing. To become a nurse practitioner, however, one needs to practice for at least a year as a registered nurse and then completing an M.Sc. Nursing degree with a field of specialization.

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