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Finding the Perfect MBA Is Still a Challenge

Have you ever been to a boardroom? If you are an entrepreneur, then you might have been a part of one of those strategic decision-making processes and if you are a student, then you might carry the wish of finding the way to the boardroom table. Ultimately, that is where most important decisions are made. So, how are you going to get there?

Most of the people will tell you that an MBA degree is the ticket to the boardroom. Well, that is not always the case because if you look at the way, the MBA has been commoditized, then you would understand that it is pretty tough to get into the boardroom with an MBA degree.

Has the MBA lost its glory in the commoditization process? No, not really, you still need to get an MBA degree to boost your career. But then, you are confused whether should pursue MBA in Germany or fly all the way down to California to study in college that is located near to Silicon Valley. That should not be the only consideration.

The most important thing that you need to figure out is that what you want the MBA degree to do to your life. Should it add value to your professional career or should it provide you greater mobility or should it improve you holistically both from the personal and professional standpoint? The following are a few key considerations that you must acknowledge in order to find the right college.

Changing career direction:

Most and the bulk of the candidate choose MBA because they want to boost their career in a different direction. You must understand that nobody is willing to hire you as a fresher for a responsible position just because you have an MBA degree. You must set your expectations rightly, the MBA is just the part of the journey, and it can never push you into the boardroom table unless you have great industry connection.

More money and better mobility:

The days are gone when the lucrative salary and hefty bonuses used to dominate the market. Now, you need to join a college that prepares you to tackle the market’s challenge effectively, more appropriately, it should prepare you for the future and help you in the long run. Therefore, the location of the school matters the most. In fact, you should find a college that has global influence and reputation.

Building network:

A few MBA graduates who have paid a hefty amount in their education can tell you that all that they have got from the college was a priceless address book that influenced their career.

A lot of schools invest huge sum of money in building industry contacts across the globe. Most of the times, they are pretty much diversified. If you are looking for a great international business career, then you should find a college that has a great connection however, if you want to remain confined to your own locality, then this should not be an ideal choice.

Gaining international experience:

Lot of students joins international programs because everyone is doing so. Well, being a part of the hoard can be a mediocre idea. You might join a college in the search of a better environment and pleasant surrounding but that can be misleading. Never join college because your uncle’s nephew said that it is good to study in a college that has a super cool environment.

You should go beyond the idea of appearance and find the colleges that have well-crafted international exchange programs. In fact, the exchange programs and study trips are appropriate ways of enhancing the international exposure.

Pursuing MBA in Germany and having an internship in a local company out there can be priceless in the long run. In addition, the language that the colleges use to teach should be one of the major considerations. English should be the ideal language for obvious reasons.

Running own business:

If you are smart enough, then you can initiate a start-up and make it go global in a quick time. At least, at the present scenario, it is possible perhaps, it is the latest trend. But then, it is practically impossible to manufacture entrepreneurs and businessmen out of thin air. You have to find a college that attracts students from diverse socio-cultural background and nationalities. It is important to have the clarity and understanding of how the businesses operate in the key markets globally.

Affordable options:

Most of the students find that pursuing an MBA is a costly affair. Well, at times it is but it does not have to be that way always. You can simply find colleges that offer study loans. In some case, the colleges also bear the total expenditures for the right candidate. Some schools also offer online course too.

The location:

The location should be obviously the first preference because it plays a vital role in preparing you for the market. For instance, if you pursue MBA in New York, London or study in MBA in Germany, you are more likely to have the greater career in the financial sector because they are positioned right near the financial market. They can bring guest faculties to train you. So, choose the right location.

The final chapter:

Besides the conventional MBA curriculum, you should look for various other fields such as nonprofit, marketing, healthcare. Some schools work closely with the related industries and some schools also get venture capitalists to promote entrepreneurial plans. You can choose executive programs wherein you can work and study at the same time also.

Besides looking at the reputation, the location of the schools and your objectives, you must research about the student experience, how the students are trained to achieve professional and personal objectives, and the characteristics of the institution before you make any discussion.

Apart from the best exposure and training, you need to develop your intelligence to find your way into the boardroom. Well, you cannot succeed by throwing jargons. Actually, you should be able to handle the real business situations rationally and that demands intelligence.

Written by
Shivam Srivastava
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