Everything About: MATLAB Fundamentals/Advance with Numerical Analysis & Who Should Attend

MATLAB Fundamentals

Course Duration: 4months – 7months

MATLAB stands for matrix laboratory. It is a high-performance language which is particularly used for technical computing. It widely includes visualization, programming and computation. MATLAB is used for work in an easy-to-use environment where solutions and problems are expressed in mathematical notations. This widely includes engineering and scientific graphics, developing applications including graphical users interface building, simulation, prototyping, modelling, mathematical computation and algorithmic development. The basic data element in MATLAB is an array that doesn’t require dimensioning. It gives you a great help in solving many technical computing problems, especially including matrix and vector formulation and that also in fractions of time.In higher educational institutes, MATLAB is the standard instructional tool for teaching advanced courses in mathematics, engineering and science. MATLAB features a bundle of applications specific solutions called toolboxes. A MATLAB user is well known of the term ‘toolboxes’ because toolbox allows us to apply and learn specialized technology. Toolbox includes neural networks, wavelets, fuzzy logic, signal processing and simulation.

MATLAB allows us to have easy numerical calculations and visualization without the need of advanced and time consuming programs. MATLAB provides a great variety of techniques and functions for graphical display of data. MATLAB plotting tools make it more flexible and easy to use. You can use your own functions for use in MATLAB. These functions are implemented in M-files.The MATLAB graphics system includes programming for two-dimensional and three-dimensional data visualization, animation and image processing. This feature of MATLAB is very useful in today’s cinematography and high quality videos. MATLAB function library has a wide range of computational algorithms starting from elementary functions like sum, difference, multiplication, trigonometric ratios to more complex like inverse matrix, Fourier Transform and Bessel functions. So, it can be used as advanced calculator.

This course is aimed for both who have and do not have prior knowledge pf MATLAB and its fundamentals . It is beginner to advanced course to familiarize you with MATLAB and its application industry.

Who Should Attend

  • One willing to work with matrices and mathematical equations for technical computing that  includes visualization, programming and computation.
  • Graduates , technologists , students and many others who want to solve their problems using mathematical  equation and wants the graphical representation of outcomes.

MATLAB Advance with Numerical Analysis

Course Duration: 4months – 7months

Scientists and mathematicians worldwide are using MATLAB for their research and complex calculations. In mathematics, we opt for a method that solves continuous problems using numeric approximations called numerical analysis. In this we design such method that gives us approximations, which is useful in such cases where exact solution is quite impossible and very time consuming. Numerical Analysis also involves accuracy, less time consumption, stability and characterizes the computational complexity. MATLAB is majorly used in numerical analysis in engineering and computational finance. It gives us a wide gamut of numerical methods for differential and integration, interpolation, extrapolation and regression, linear system of equations, ODEs, PDEs and many more. So, basically MATLAB has great advantage in numerical analysis.

Numerical analysis is used where there are complex calculations and are very time consuming. When after a very hectic and complex calculation, you didn’t find an accurate solutions there you can go for these methods. In higher technical studies or in higher educational institutes, MATLAB tools are used for example in calculating differentiation, integration, vector calculus, linear system of equation and many others. Scientists use MATLAB tools in their research and discoveries. Many research and development centres use this for their higher technical calculation for accurate and fast calculations.You can also perform quadrature, fast Fourier transform, optimisation and linear programming with the help of MATLAB product family. Moreover, you can design and implement your own numerical methods using built-in support for vector and matrix operations in the MATLAB language.

This course is aimed for both those who have and do not have prior knowledge of MATLAB and numerical analysis . It is beginner to advanced course to familiarize you with MATLAB and numerical analysis.

Who Should Attend

  • One willing to work with matrices and mathematical equations and use these equations and matrices to solve real time problem.
  • Technologists , professionals, graduates , students and many others who will be dealing with complex calculations and researches.
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