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A Study Based on the Education System of India

Education, a weapon that holds power enough to uplift the dark clouds of unawareness from the world. Mankind in the present scenario is not looking for more trouble, instead, it is waiting for educated and enlightened Messiahs. It took a long time for the world to understand that only a lamp full of oil can be a symbol of hope. The same goes for education. Only an educated mind can help us to achieve better standards of living, which also is the main aim of life. Gradually, parents have also come to understand that only if they educate their children are they fulfilling their duty towards the country. Hence, today, every parent is ready to spend money, rather invest money in education. Not only has education made its place in the country, but it also has come up with another sort of competition. Does it sound relatable? Yes? It is because we have all come across times wherein we were compared with someone.

Binary numbers became important than gaining knowledge. Only a few are able to read between the lines and even fewer are able to follow. Many just mug it up and write just for marks. Where ever people go for interviews, many interviewers look for great scores and then take an interview. The interview should be practical, like how they take interviews for KG admissions. Schools are there to teach but before joining a school, a child must know all the basics. Making the children sit according to the marks gained, is another message that spreads inequality and endangers the future of the education system in India. This partiality stays in students’ minds and follows life long.

Old Education System Of India:

The old education system of India includes sitting on the floor with all the classmates and then waiting for the teacher to guide you for the day. These teachers were placed at the same place as God himself and were worshipped in the same manner. At that time, there was also a practice of praying in the morn and evening. In fact, it as a part of the curriculum, to know about the stories of God, and the science behind every myth was also to. With time, we progressed from Gurukuls and reached the scene of education at school. This sort of education though has been a massive upgrade but has also distanced us from the basic roots of education. But the way the world is progressing there is no going back, we just have to keep moving forward.

Modern Education System Of India:

The modern education system of India has been about rushing to school with half-eaten breakfast ad definitely completed homework. It has been a plus point to have students be punctual and loyal towards work but has initiated stress. Levels of stress in children in rather disheartening and worrisome. Children who are just 10-15 years of age, do not worry about winning a simple quiz or game, instead, they are burdened with the duty of performing well in exams. Imagine, a student who is supposed to be the future of the country is struggling with math problems at the age of 10. 

Though the modern education system hs a really dark side, it also has something bright in-store. Today, students when asked about their ambition in life always reply with something that is rather amusing. Doctors, dancers, musicians, and defense line workers all come out from standard households only because of education in modern India. Schools, colleges and universities are working towards making the society better every day only through education. Indeed it can be said that education is the most powerful weapon that can be given to someone

Evolution Of Education System In India

The education system has evolved from times past. Ages back, there was no electronic device used either to teach or to read. Now, as each of us knows what role an electronic device plays in a student’s career education. Even alphabets are taught according to the convenience of the child to read and write. This is the major evolution in the field of education

The use of electronic devices has a coin side:

The advantages go like this:

  • Save tree. Save nature. Save paper can be followed.
  • Introduction of digital media to children.
  • Technology practice.
  • Eliminates the worry of carrying hefty books.
  • Make teaching lively then illustrations.

Some disadvantages are to be noted:

  • The eyes of the child are affected.
  • Nerves and bones of the tiny tots are trembling to hold pens and pencils.
  • Internet connectivity teaches many that even parents don’t.
  • No practice of hard book reading.
  • Addictions increase towards devices.

Future education should be like Gurukul like in old age. I wish to be. 

  1. Those ages, education taught culture.
  2. Education taught self-confidence. 
  3. Education taught respect. 
  4. Education taught sharing and caring.

The practice of leaving the shoes outside showed respect towards education and Saraswati, God of education. Also, after walking from outside, it carries germs. The practice of playing in the evening is like warm-up and physical activity for children. Also, they get connected with the outside world and children. It’s because of many private classes to teach and coach people, children, everyone in these cultures, how to build self-confidence, etc. Children don’t play and hence no physical activity. Lack of physical activity leads to obesity which in turn becomes a problem in the future. The existence of gyms is due to this reason.

People will spend money and go to the gym but forget old practices. Because of this single education system, the whole cycle gets affected. Modern parents are more concerned about money than children. A year-old child is being left at daycare, and the mother goes for work. Life can be lived with what we have. But its the parent’s duty to give a bright future to the child. It’s the parents who decided to give birth. The child didn’t ask for its birth. The first thing a child should learn, along with education is moral values. Modern children have become selfish. Everything has “I” individuality in it.

Future education will be and wish to be like Gurukul with all our culture, values, etc. Children should be taught to greet people or guests who come home. They must be made to sit and offer coffee or tea or just water at least. Modern children keep themselves busy playing on mobile. If any guest comes home, they send back stating that parents are not home. The sad part is that children do not know their relatives. Its because they don’t either meet them nor the parents at least introduce to their children. Speaking in English alone will not do magic.

Children should also know how a relative is connected to them, who is his aunt, uncle, or so. The joint family system is slowly eradicating. It’s only because of the education system that we follow. Gurukul methods teach life. It teaches how to face problems and not how to suicide if parents scold. Hence, we can also say, schools are the lifestyle while Guruuls should be the trend.

Written by
D. Mahalakshmi
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