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A New Era Of AI and Cybersecurity World

The world of cybersecurity is vast and is progressing every passing minute with lots of new opportunities surfacing. The addition of smart technologies, great software and amazing gadgets in our lives has made a lot of things better for us. Now, with the help of such software, we can perform tasks efficiently and achieve good results without even spending lots of time. You can easily find tech being used in one form or another in almost every domain.

What Cost Do We Pay for Tech?

Where the world is benefitting from the ever-evolving technologies, the drawbacks of these technologies can’t be ignored. These drawbacks can cost a company thousands of dollars without giving them a chance to fight back. One minor entry left open can invite lots of hackers to get into the system and access the sensitive information that can instantly drop the company on the ground.

To avoid such instances companies hire lots of experienced professionals and they block the majority of such entries. However, it is not easy to see some entries ahead of the time and make amendments to them. Such vulnerabilities can only be found by experts. A Pen Testing Company houses such experts who have experience of pointing out even the minor but most dangerous vulnerabilities in just one glance.

These companies have multiple teams working only to hit your system and note down the entry points easy to be targeted. Once all of the points are found, they work on suggesting some solutions making your system as strong as possible. However, cybercriminals keep coming up with new ways of entering into the systems as they have access to modern technologies as well. Due to this tug of war, there are times when cybercriminals win and companies have to pay a heavy amount.

A New Era of Cybersecurity

The instances of criminals winning the battle and companies suffering made testing companies wonder how they can make themselves better, smarter and more efficient. While they were offering tech solutions to the whole world, they thought of using tech for themselves as well. That is when a new era of software companies started that has been termed as AI in Cybersecurity World. A lot of the companies have started to make AI their partner in catching the vulnerabilities and destroying them then and there before things get uglier.

Does your pen testing company also use AI? Are they thinking of adding AI to their regular pen testing services? If not, then here is why you should convince them to welcome artificial intelligence with open arms.

No Errors Left

Humans are prone to make errors. Even the experts can make mistakes and that is not a big deal but when it comes to cybersecurity, small errors are big deals. Even a minor entry left open by mistake can lead attackers into the system. Once they enter the system, it will take them just a few seconds to get all the sensitive information and leave the system crippled. Whereas AI leaves no room for mistakes. It handles the task of finding the open ends and then sealing them well.

Confidentiality Intact

Apart from making mistakes, humans can easily steal information from you without you even knowing. A human pen tester gains the excess of sensitive and proprietary data which makes it easy for him to leverage the information for malicious purposes. This way your company may end up facing serious consequences like criminal charges and/or financial penalties. There is no way you can test the loyalty of a human beforehand. When it comes to AI, you can easily get it programmed to perform in your interest without stealing information from you.

Extensibility at its Best

The world of tech is all about extensible and flexible services. If your solution can’t expand with the need and time, it is bound to fail. A human expert in pen testing is indeed a valuable resource but he can never learn new techniques right at the moment and apply them. That is where an AI pen tester works miracles as it can learn new techniques within a few seconds and can provide flawless results as well. It keeps learning from its experiences and keeps evolving so it is always ready to face new threats.

More Work in Less Time

Speed is yet another factor that one can’t ignore in the field of pen testing services. A human pen tester can increase his speed with the passage of time but it can never beat an AI. An AI pen tester can test multiple sides of software or a system at parallel providing perfect solutions as well. The testing is done a lot faster than a human can.

Can AI Really Beat Humans?

AI is becoming progressive in the testing software and fixing vulnerabilities. Would it be able to replace humans once and for all? Will they achieve the highest point of perfection? Even though the future holds the answer to these questions but according to the majority of the experts, AI will never be able to replace humans. They further suggest that humans and AI can work together to achieve even better results.

Where AI beats humans for not making any mistakes, learning faster, and completing tasks at a great speed, humans beat AI at having knowledge. Experts suggest that AI finds it hard to distinguish between genuine vulnerabilities and fake errors. Also, AI solutions have shown to have a higher false-positive rate. This clearly tells that AI is not ready to replace humans as of yet but together they can really beat cybercriminals and keep companies secure.


AI is changing a lot of things for every pen testing company but is far away from replacing humans. It is the right time for humans to find a way for AI and humans to work together to end cyberattacks from the world. Together, AI and humans have the potential to become the real heroes of the cybersecurity world!

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