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8 Ways Digital Learning & Technology Can Be Incorporated

What is Digital Learning?

Digital learning is a kind of interface that is based on technology in the way that it makes the effective use of technology in teaching and learning. Technology is already a part of our day to day life, which provides us an interesting way to interact, so think when it is going to be added up with learning and teaching then how keen it will make the knowledge gainers learn.

How is Digital Learning & Technology Incorporated?

By incorporating technology with education, it will serve a wide platform of people as well as knowledge gainers. The thing that we learn with pleasure is the thing that we never forget as those days are gone where students are asked to keep quiet and listen to what is taught because the new generations appearing are found to be collaborative, interactive, and imagining.

Here, in digital learning, you are provided with many beautiful options that can enhance the interest of a child in learning online than the classroom teaching:

1) You can make students teach the class in their way, and a person can do this by assigning them some research work in which they can present their favorite topic by using their favorite technology. In this way, you can see their work on how the students interpret their learnings and your teachings. This will also enhance their research skills, teaching skills, as well as their mental and learning skills. In this way, they can get empathy and can get into the insight of their teacher’s role.

2) You can help the students by the processes like collaboration via online tools by which they can collaborate with each other’s learning, which will improve their communication skills. Also, their nature of teamwork will get modified, which will help them in the future.

3) Also, creating online forums and sharing work will help introvert students to come up as it will be easier for them to type new ideas on the keyboard rather than upcoming with new ideas in the classroom.

4) Apart from this, it will also help students to come up with a solution to find the correct answer rather than just finding the right answer.

5) For a better understanding of concepts, you can create and organize quizzes then and there in which you can ask all the students to participate in it where you can check the knowledge of students and his level of understanding, also you can organize debates on various topics on group chats where students will find more natural to learn joyfully with their friends. Many apps can help you into this such as

  • Top Hat
  • iClicker
  • Socrative
  • Turning Technologies

This will allow students to generate more open responses without any hesitation.  

6) Apart from its functionalities and the interests of students, digital learning with the incorporation of technology may help you to face difficult situations easily in which students cannot attend the regular classes in the school.

In this, you can take the cases of curfew and lockdowns where schools and colleges are asked to shut down; therefore, teachers can organize the online classes and meetings on the apps such as Skype, Zoom. It can also be used at the times of unscheduled holidays.

One such great app which includes myriad features is YouTube, where we can update the videos of various concepts that can help people worldwide.

7) Other such apps for digital learning are:

  • Learnyst where you can buy and sell the courses at reasonable prices
  • Edmodo where knowledge seekers automatically logins with special codes and can edit settings, view classes and can form groups even can interact with teachers personally
  • Socrative where you can organize quizzes online as well as offline in which results are emailed quickly and easily
  • GCF( Goodwill Community Foundation) it also has some free iOS apps for some of it’s learning areas. 
  • Other than these, you can also check the apps like Byju’s, Vedantu, Khan academy, etc.

 8) Apart from these online and digital learning apps, another thing you can do is to bring the technology of digital learning to our schools and classrooms to make it more effective for teachers and students. Still, it’s not just simply filling a classroom with the latest and the most expensive tools and technology because it isn’t going to give us the most important thing that is the outcome. Training teachers to use the apps appropriately, budgeting for the purchases of hardware and software, doing effective communication with parents and students, and effectively deploying new wares, tools, and applications in the classrooms are the things to bring the outcomes.


Covering education with digital technology is a crucial aspect to meet the needs of today’s developing world. Adding to all its benefits, we can also say that it also provides mental and physical support to teachers as well as students because Donald Norman once said, “I am not a fan of technology. I am a fan of pedagogy, how people learn, and the most effective methods. But technology enables some exciting changes“.

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Written by
Chitrali Srivastava
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