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8 Natural Precautionary Measures To Keep Yourself Safe From Corona Virus

Coronavirus has the world dancing off its fingers as there is panic and chaos wherever you see. Many countries have banned travel, mosques have requested people to stay at home and pray, and malls are shut down.

Educational institutes have closed down too, and exam season has now shifted to October. Corona recently broke out in Wuhan, China, where this virus takes 2300 people, and many have been infected.

Doctors and researchers are working for its vaccine, but for now, the only option to keep ourselves safe is to follow precautions. Some of the precautions that must be taken by all of us are as follows,

Wear your masks

A mask does not help in keeping you safe from the virus, but it needs to be worn so that you can be kept secure from an infected person. The surgical masks available in the market will do you no good. The N95 will keep you safe as they can filter the particles from the air.

These masks are expensive than ordinary masks but may do the trick for you. In the company of an infected person or a contaminated environment, the mask will keep you safe.

Avoid contact with people

Since the virus is contagious and can be easily spread through human touch, it is recommended by doctors to stay away from each other. It may be a difficult task to stay away from people, especially if you are extroverted and you like going out a lot, but it is for your benefit.

For many, corona does not show any symptoms, making it impossible to be detected, but a person suffering from corona can transfer disease; thus, as a precaution, it is asked to stay away from people.

Keep washing your hands

It is being advised by doctors to wash your hands twenty times a day, and if you can’t, then you must keep a sanitizer with you and sanitize your hands after every twenty to thirty minutes. Don’t touch your face, nose, and mouth as these are the areas by which the virus can enter your systems.

Please wash your hands properly by looking at the different manuals being provided on the internet on hand washing.

Distance yourself socially

Social distancing is an essential thing to be made part of your routine. For this, one will have to change their method entirely. You will have to stop greeting people, stop shaking hands, stop going at gatherings, stop attending festivals or events, limited contact with people of older age that have poor health. Lastly staying away at a distance of 2 arm lengths from people.

Be hygienic

Being hygienic and following proper hygiene can reduce the risks of the virus spreading and infecting others. Please wash your hands twenty times a day or use a sanitizer that has alcohol in it so all germs can be killed, cover your mouth with a tissue while sneezing or coughing. Dispose of that tissue properly afterward, avoid touching face with unwashed or dirty hands.

Keep high touch surfaces clean

The family members and kids touch many different high touch surfaces in the house. These surfaces need to be cleaned at least one time in a day to reduce the risk of being infected by the virus.

The toys of your kids, the bathrooms, your phones, any other electronics being used by different members of the family, the door handles, tables, and the remote of the television are few of the things.

Keep your immune system boosted

Corona has no vaccine or solution for it, and the most sensible thing right other than staying at home is to keep our immunity high. Improving your diet, consuming eight glasses of water, consuming fruits, sleeping for 8 hours, and avoidance of junk food are some of the things needed. Cannabis or smoking hash are other great ways to keep our immune system boosted and improving.

Take care and keep an eye on your symptoms

The coronavirus has the same symptoms as that of flu, where you may have difficulty breathing, fever, and shivering. The key is to keep a close eye on your symptoms, especially if you have recently in contact with an infected person.

It is necessary to keep yourself self-isolated until you feel better, and if you don’t, then you better get yourself tested as a precaution is better than being worried later. For many, the virus does not show any symptoms, so if you have been in contact with an infected person, get yourself checked.

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