7 Ways How to improve concentration


Concentration is the biggest virtue through which today’s adults as well as kids get tangled in. It becomes complicated for them to concentrate on one thing that they are doing and it can be seen more increasing in this word of social media smartphones. Study in today’s era does not only mean reading all the lines from the books and learning but studying is much more different than this so here is an article to help you overcome this biggest problem of this generation how to improve your concentration. Let us first discuss the highest and foremost question ” What is concentration?”.

Concentration can be referred as the ability to focus the mind and heart on one subject, object or thought without being distracted, accordance to one’s will. Sometimes it is confused by attention span but it is not at all attention span can be defined as time span in which anyone can be attentive, whereas concentration is completely different from it and just  being attentive regarding the time period. Let us now find out the causes that brings to read this 7 ways to improve your concentration.

Factors that causes decrease in concentration:-

The foremost factor that affects the concentration very negatively is stress and worries. We can see today majority of the people of the world are suffering from one kind or another stress problems which results into back concentration as well and sometimes in issues like depression. The various factors other than stress are poor diet and nutrition, in the present situation that people have became more conscious about losing the fat and becoming slim due to which they eat low fat food and take less vitamins and minerals as well as fat which is required by brain in an amount of fatty acids to work therefore so as brain does not get proper minerals and nutrition for functioning at times leads to disfunctioning which results into reducing concentration. Lack of water from the body can also cause lack of concentration as low water rate in body can make you fatigue, can can cause headache which automatically distracts your focus. Lack of sleep and physical exercises in also cause reduction in the concentration rate. Another important factors which contribute in the problem of reducing concentration is hormonal changes and balances which takes place only in teenagers as well as in pregnant women, generally girls suffer from this problem during the menstrual cycles, Menopause. These were the various factors that leads to concentration problem. Now we are going to discuss about various trips and trends which are going to help you if you are suffering from the poor concentration.

Here are some useful things:-

  1. Take a balanced diet :-

Food is an very important aspect for the proper functioning of your body and brain. Therefore it is advised to fill your plate with different fruits and vegetables that constitutes various vitamins and minerals that are going to build up your concentration.

  1. Take proper sleep and water :-

As we have discussed what a lack of sleep and water can cause to the human system. It is advised to drink water early in the morning as to get up which keeps the mind hydrated as well as proper sleep is a another important aspect for building a proper concentration.

  1. Good exercise and meditation :-

Good exercise and meditation can bring wonders And Wonders out of you once you get indulge into it. Closing your eyes and concentrating on a ‘Om’ Mantra going beside you and musical form will not only build concentration but will also provide you peace and inner strength to fight with the negativities whereas a good exercise will increase the flow of your blood that will make your brain active and therefore help in increasing concentration.

  1. Allow some time for stress :-

Majority people tend to don’t continue the concentration on one main thing that is due to stress issues. So, for such issues assign sometime in which you only think of thing which bothers you or stresses you out and then talk about these things with your loved ones whether if you are an adult or a student. And always remember once the time is up come out of those things and stress. This is for sure going to give you the positive outcomes.

  1. Unplug all the distractions :-

Social media is the biggest disadvantage for today’s generation one or the other upcoming trends, news, music will keep you distracted. These are important but not more important than your work or studies which will help you later therefore switch off your phones and calls while you continue your work. Sometimes, also so try to sit without your cell phones and social media which will give result in positive.

  1. Commit yourself to the task you are doing :-

When you are doing a task commit yourself with all your heart and soul to it. Try to specify a specific time in which you are going to complete your work and give your best to complete a task in that certain time period. For this, you can also Plan some rewards for yourself like a favourite chocolate or your favourite dinner or watch your favourite movie once you are done.

  1. You are in charge of yourself :-

This thing is basically for students for finding it difficult to concentrate on studies or if you cannot study for a longer time. Just frame one question before you begin your studies and that is “For whom I am studying this?”. Remember if you are studying that will help you only in your exams and then in your future. Nor your freinds neither your parents will gain anything from it. This will help you in your studies as you are born to take charge of your self nobody else is born with you who will take your charge.

So, with this points come at the conclusion of article but not your concentration. Your concentration is neverending but these will not help you until you will be serious about yourself because you can read thousands of articles regarding concentration but these will not help you till you will take down it into your real life until your confidence becomes concentration as concentration comes out as a combination of confidence and happiness one. One who is concentrated is immensely happy

Written by
Chitrali Srivastava
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